October 15, 2009


Cheap thrills. Flowers. Fairy lights. Lollipop rings. Ballpoint pens on thin paper. Words like silhouette, cynicism, inevitable. Rooftops. Mixtapes. Hair sniffing. Muscle ache. Deers. Bruises. Bubble baths. Bubbles in general. Inside jokes. Marketplaces. Starting books/finishing books. Alliteration. No-reason parties. Pre-dawn and post-dawn parties (partying should not exist at dawn itself). Words that end in -escent. Words that rhyme. Midnight movies. Tchaikovsky. Typing fast. The smell of new books/bookshops/bookstalls/bookshelves. Party hats. Long train rides. Rainbows. Strobe lights. Handholding. Film. "Holy macaroni!". Phone calls in which I am not expected to respond. Paradoxes. Lovebites. Foreign films on SBS. Cloudy days. Good conversations with new friends. Good conversations with old friends. Math. Matchsticks. Sunrises/sets. Helium balloons. Thick accents. Children's TV shows. High heels. Naps.

Failure. Spiders. Heights. Words like moist and ointment. Coming down. Death. Sobering up. Insects. Wet hair on dry backs. Hypocrisy. "Yeah but still". Public speaking. Forgetting. Sometimes rain.

I love a lot more than I hate, although you can't always tell.

Taken 5th April 2008. You can see how my hands were shaking. But it was a rather wonderful day, filled with white sheets and grey fog and black skies dusted with pentatonic scales and late night movies on mute. It was good while it lasted.


  1. i don't know why i read this backwards...
    i started reading it normally but then there were so many words, so i thought it'd be better if i read from the end?

    things i love right now:
    junior senior, babies (like, always), hand signals, jump rope, antm (i knowwwwww~), korean emoticons like: Orz (tilt your head sideways)

    omg, i saw a man peeing by the road today. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

  2. don't stop
    don't stop the beat
    can't stop
    can't stop the beat GO

    new new new new newwww

    evarybadyyy move yo feet ah to the night and ooooohhh~

  3. I thought of a hilarious comment to post when reading this but forgot it when i scrolled down to look at your last post. Goddamn you.

    i can't believe you like maths.. wanna do my exponentials investigation

  4. i need my ointment to moist my lips

  5. No thanks, Joel. It's due Monday for me and I haven't taken it out of my bag/looked through it yet. And I was absent for the whole subject so I really should get a-rollin'.

    I love mathematics because numbers make sense, and sometimes everything else doesn't.

    Shannon's mean.

  6. i love you nicole :) your a lover not a hater. and i have to agree with the lists up there :) x