August 11, 2009

Comme un tendre et triste regret.

The last photograph is the most perfect photograph, to remedy the pains rushing art essays and music compositions at four thirty am on a school night will inflict. This is the life; didn't anyone tell you?

(Comme un tendre et triste regret is the section of Debussy's prelude that is keeping me up. That, and my humming of other unrecognisable songs. TEEs should come with a warning label, but only for insomniacs. Good children needn't worry.)


  1. is this the latest Frenchie Vogue? mama mia!

  2. i love the pictures! and you poor thing, my spirit is with you and i'm sending you good vibes :)

    all my lovee <3

  3. Indeed, but not quite. Vogue Paris' August 07 issue, shot by Max Farago. Love love love.

    + I miss you Gabbles! x