August 23, 2009


Today was such a pointless day. I told myself I'd wake up at ten (superduper early by my book) to do my long overdue homework and prep for tomorrow's in-class essay, but no. Instead I woke up at one and have been snacking on crackers since, watching past episodes of The Nanny and pouring lemon juice into my iced water everytime I downed half a mug.

I have given lazy sunday a whole new definition. It's fantastic.

Here are a handful of photographs from last night. I avoided people pictures just in case, except for Mitch and his cake, because everybody wants to see that, right?

We only had one strobe light but it was enough, and when it was gone we didn't need a light. We just danced in the dark.


  1. Hey, I actually love your blog. I like it when people actually tell you about life instead of just posting a picture and leaving it at that, really cool pictures and writing

    follow for follow? x

  2. glad you like my blog! you have some gorgeous images here (love the 4th pic on this post) x

  3. You made no mention of me being the co-creater of the term "lazy-Sunday." Other then that nice post. :)

  4. There is no need of light when there is rhythm!

  5. Looks SO fun! I love the lights effect :D

  6. it's hard to buckle down and study when you could be having fun!!!

    thanks for leaving me a comment btw!