August 09, 2009


It's nearly six in the morning and I should really be in bed, getting ready for a nice long Sunday's worth of study study study. But we all know that's not happening, so instead I bid you my warmest welcome to MUD AND BONE, my 8346th blog this year thus far. Hopefully this one will last.

I had an odd dream last night. We sat by the railroad tracks with our chins on our knees, ripping blades of grass from the soil and talking about nothing. You wouldn't look me in the eye, but that was okay -- both you and I were far too busy watching people run for the beach, with their hot pink floaties clutched under their arms and unlit cigarettes clasped between two skinny fingers. I woke up with the shivers, and it wasn't until the television was on that they finally went away.

On a brighter note, Perry Como makes me smile.


  1. Why do you make dreams sound so nice?
    I miss you.
    I love your blog.
    Please keep it going.

    Much love from your Grumpesaurus.

  2. yes, please keep it going :)

    your dream sounds like a dream, as in not quite there but almost too vivid,

    your good.

    missing you more xxxx

  3. It sounds nice but I assure you, it freaked the heeby jeebies out of me. I don't know why. :(

    We'll see if this one lasts; I'm hoping it will too. I miss you both so much!


  4. Keep on writing, it's good!

  5. Allure: Danke danke. :)

    Shannon: I reckon, hey. I wish I knew where it was from.